Setlist – March 2-3, 2013

The Story – Week 23

Glory to God – Steve Fee

White Flag – Chris Tomlin

Jesus Paid It All

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Work Hard, Play Hard

Making a living being creative can be one of the most challenging jobs there is. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of hard work involved in the creative process of bringing an idea from conception to completion. Creative people work hard. Because of that truth, “playing hard” is also a necessary and often overlooked part of the creative process. It’s important that we don’t ignore or cut ourselves off from our sources of inspiration.

When we allow time to play, we allow time to grow. Todd Henry says in his book, The Accidental Creative, “Play helps us maintain emotional stability, too, which can be important to our overall energy level and capacity for good work.”

We often think that when we’re involved with anything other than accomplishing tasks during our work week that we’re being unpro...

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Set List – 2.23-24.13

Exalted One – Elevation Worship

Our God – Lincoln Brewster

Forever Reign – Hillsong

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Set List – 2.16-17.13

Praise Him - Hillsong

Everlasting God - Northpoint Live

10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord) – Matt Redman


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Our Creative Process

The process of creating something is far from linear. It’s not so much a day-job, but an intentional lifestyle. I’m always looking at things in culture that I experience to feed me creatively. Things like movies, TV shows, websites, social media, family vacations, and conversations with my wife and kids. All of these experiences create a “database” of inspiration to pull from when it’s time to brainstorm. I’ve found that creativity works best within some sort of structure. Even the best painter’s canvas has limitations. With that said, our creative process at Generations is structured to give us the “canvas” on which to create.

By the way, the time frame outlined below is based on the start date of each message series. Some meetings overlap each other depending on when each series starts.

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Did you know…

Planning Center Facebook App

Planning Center is a really great tool. If you’ve served with us at all, you know it’s integral in our service planning and scheduling volunteers. But we also know that email is not the best form of communication with everyone (Planning Center uses emails as the main way of sending requests and messages to our volunteers). But did you know, that Planning Center also has Facebook integration as well as text messages?

If email isn’t you’re thing, it’s easy to set up either or both of these options so that you know when we’re trying to reach you :-) . For Facebook, go to and set up the app. Once you’ve completed that, you’ll see a link for Planning Center app appear in the menu on the left side of the page...

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Pulling off the dust covers…

OK. It’s time to get this site populated like it should be. Recently, we’ve been working on some audio training with our team. Jeff Wilson taught a basic level class to many of our volunteers at GCC, and a few visiting from Harborside yesterday. We recorded that session on video, and will record his next session on August 25, and post everything here on this website so those of you who attended can refresh your knowledge, and also so new volunteers can take advantage of this training as well.

Kyle and I will also be working soon on creating some video training tools for our camera guys and switchers. We’ll be taking clips from our weekend services, both good and bad, and compiling them together so new recruits know what we’re striving for, and for current volunteers to hone their skills e...

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Couple quick updates

I’ve set up Planning Center to automatically send out reminder emails a few days ahead of any weekend you might be scheduled for. The reminder emails aren’t set up to mention rehearsal times, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to be there! Let me know if this is a useful feature, or if it’s just annoying.

Also, please start thinking about block out dates for October. We’ll be doing that schedule pretty soon! We’d like to start moving towards a Week 1, 2, 3, 4 team approach to scheduling. Now we all know that some people will have to serve twice a month for a little while until we can build up the team a bit more, but I believe it will make it easier on everyone, if we all know which weeks we typically are scheduled for...

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How We Use Planning Center

Any of our volunteers are well aware of the name Planning Center. It’s where you get all those annoying scheduling emails from right? Well yes, but I’m not sure everyone realizes just how great of a tool it is. Most of our volunteers never see the side of planning center that’s really useful for me, and the staff at GCC. This is a look at what we use to plan out the volunteers for all of our services. 

You know that the scheduling happens in Planning Center, but the role volunteers can play in the scheduling process helps immensely! Right now, we have 49 people on the roster for our production team, which includes Audio, Video, Lighting, Staging, and Directors, and that number is growing! We are training 6 people on cameras with more on the way. This is awesome. We are truly blessed as a church, and as a ministry, and I am privileged to be a part of this team. But this is a lot of people to keep track of. Planning Center makes this task a lot easier, but it takes ACTIVE participation by each member of the team. 

Planning Center r...

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A couple reminders…

We are about to start creating the September schedule, and we need your help! Please take a few minutes as soon as you can, to enter your block out dates for the month of September. If there are any dates in particular that you know you would like to serve, you can also let me know that by replying to this email, or sending me a text (please let me know who you are as I don’t have everyone in my address book yet!).
While we’re on the subject of block out dates, this would be a good time to check your profile to make sure we have all the latest contact information for you. This is very helpful if we need to get ahold of you in order to fill positions, or if we have questions for you...

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